Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random Things in the Last Few Months

Sorry I'm so bad at keeping this updates. We've done a lot of things the last little while. Sorry some of the pics are sideways.... I've got to learn how to do this computer stuff. I'm terrible at it. If any one wants to teach me feel free. :)
We've been in the car a lot, heading to Ogden pretty much every day, taking trips to Idaho and such... Ethan's face should let you know how much he loves it. We are lucky he's so patient with us. We love him dearly!

In this next pic I'm not sure if he's playing hide and go seek or if he just didn't want us watching him sleep but I thought it was cute so I wanted to share. If any of you know our cat Lola she does the same thing so we had to get a pic of him doing it.

Speeking of Lola... She makes a wonderful pillow, soft and fluffy.

Too bad she doesn't like it much.
Ethan's favorite thing is when dad plays and sings to him. Life doesn't get better than this!

Ethan's baby blessing was on March 29th. A wonderful blessing for our sweet little man. He racked out after we got back; recieving so many blessing can really do you in. So he and his cousin Easton (7 weeks younger) took naps while the rest of us ate.

Doesn't our blessing boy look handsom!

At this point he was so done with pictures. We still love him though.

His second favorite thing is being outside... doesn't matter if it's for a stroll or out to look at the garden or flowers. If it's outside he's a happy boy.

Ethan has made a new friend... It's his monk-a-monk. He loved giving it hugs and slobbering all over him.

For the most part he is a very happy guy and loves to wiggle and play.

And as you may have noticed, he sits in the crack of the couch a lot. However, he's starting to not sit still anymore so the floor will be his new home soon.

We are getting his building skills practiced up. This skill can be used in many ways... we will have to wait and see what he uses it for.

We went down to SLC to a Bee's baseball game. This is a pic of Joel and Ethan on trax. Ethan was wide-eyed and watched everything as we passed. What an observant little man he is.

YAY! Go Bee's!!!! Just because Ethan was cheering so loud they blew the other team out of the water.

I was putting some of Ethan old thing away, stuff he's grown out of way too fast, and thought maybe if we pack him away he'll stop growing. But with our luck he'd out grow the tote and we'd have to upgrade to a bigger one in 3 months.

SO CUTE!!! Ethan is starting to roll over and is loving every minute of it.

Oh those chubby cheeks.... I could just squeez them... Joel tried it and this is how well Ethan liked it.

Well....... That's all folks... sorry it's nothing much or extreamly exciting. Hope you've enjoyed the pics as much as we've enjoyed him. I will try to keep things up date better and try to make it more exciting for ya to read. Until then, take care.

Bye, bye!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

They Grow Way Too Fast

God should have made babies grow a little slower.
Ethan has grown way too fast in 1 month.
But we've done a lot this past month. We've been to the boat show,
to St George to visit Grandma the Great where we tried to go golfing
(but they wouldn't let Ethan on the coarse until he was 9 years old),
to visit all the grandparents (even Idaho where we stayed
to play for a few days),
and we went for a nice walk around town.

Ethan loves baths, but Mom and Dad love it even more, because.....

.....then he sleeps so soundly!

We love him to peices and enjoy every minute we have to hold him

and give him lots of kisses!

He is a lot of work, but he's worth the sleep deprevation.

Thank You Heavely Father for sending us a perfect little angel

(and braking us in easy).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Joel's Graduation (12/13/2008 A little out of order)

There is a pretty funny story to go along with this video. My Mom asked me which event I'd like her to attend (being that she lived in Warner Robins Georgia at the time) either my graduation which took place on the 13th of December or the birth of my firstborn child. After many days of pondering the perplexed question an epiphony was revealed to me and it went something like this: Why can't you make it to both???

I mean these were two of the biggest events in my life and one of the most influencial people was telling me that she would only be able to make it to one or the other due to the cost of travel. As time went on it was evident that Mom would be able to attend both events. I was thrilled.

Well, the big day arrived and Mom had just flown in from Georgia about two days earlier and wouldn't you know it....the biggest snow storm of the winter blew in the morning of the ceremony. The snowfall was so significant that not one person from my side of the family was able to attend due to road conditions. It was a good thing that Liz and I took the camera huh. Here you go Mom and Dad. This video is evidence that your Son is finally a college grad. =P

Love you both!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ethan's Birth 2 of 2

Ethan's Birth 1 of 2

Being a new mom has its pros and cons. Some of which are: the first time mom has no idea what to expect, therefore has not too much to fear, except for the unknown (which is everything). Another one is she doesn't really know what to look for when someone asks if she is having contractions. This was the case with Liz. Hearing of so many first time moms having to go through 30 hours of labor, she wanted to hurry up the process just a little. So, thanks to some friends that recommended a little dose of "Blue Cohosh" (a root) she began hard labor about 6 hours after taking it. And had Ethan after about 11 hours of hard contractions. Thank goodness for epidurals so she only had to feel 4 of those tramatic hours. Hey, who says that getting back to your roots is bad....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My little man

Part of the waiting is over!

Here he is. Ethan Jene Jacobson was born January 26 2009. He weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

We are so happy that we were blessed with such a wonderful son of God. He will truly be a blessing to the House of Jacobson. :)